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Get bonus, member-only episodes of The42's beloved Rugby Weekly podcast every week as Murray Kinsella, Gavan Casey and guests go through the game-tape for a rugby show rich in detail and information.

Follow the Lions tour 2021 additional reporting, exclusive analysis and live Zoom chats.



Relive Ireland’s sporting history one year at a time with Gavin Cooney and Séamas O’Reilly in Really Into Years, or meet the GAA fan favourites and cult heroes who make the game great in Warriors, another of our exclusive member-only podcasts.



Take a masterclass with Ireland’s top coaches and athletes as former League of Ireland manager Shane Keegan hosts insightful long-form conversations with Pádraig Harrington, Billy Walsh, Stuart Lancaster and more in this exclusive podcast.



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We've been providing Irish sports fans with quality journalism for almost a decade and your membership will ensure we can continue informing, analysing, entertaining, criticising and celebrating.

What people say about The42

We've been providing Irish sports fans with quality journalism for almost a decade and your membership will ensure we can continue informing, analysing, entertaining, criticising and celebrating. membership gives you serious bang for your buck. Exclusive expert analysis from some of the very best rugby writers in Ireland, coupled with members’ events and lively discussion in the members’ WhatsApp group combine for an unbeatable combo in Irish sports journalism and community.

Eric Fitzgerald

I really enjoy being part of The42 membership. The rugby WhatsApp group is one of the most interesting groups I am in, full of amazing content, fantastic insights and great fun amongst the members. In a time of pandemic when the country has been mostly shut down, it has been a warm welcome to my life and I can’t wait for the first Rugby Weekly Meet Up when we return to normal.

Doug Leddin

Fantastic members only podcasts with Murray & Eoin, and optional WhatsApp groups that are always hopping with info, articles, questions & craic. Unreal value for money. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys sport.

Muireann Foynes

I signed up during lockdown and have got loads out of my membership. I joined for the rugby but have had my eyes opened by Shane Keegan’s Coaching podcast and I love the 42 Behind the Lines series, all the questions I wanted to ask of brilliant writers but never got the chance to. Its been brilliant and that’s before the members WhatsApp groups which are entertaining and infuriating in equal measure!! Its great value for money.

Finn O’Boyle

Considering the huge variety of podcast guests and the interaction and shared articles and opinions in the group chat, a €42 per year membership is the best value there is in online subscription media.

James Clancy

Simply put, spending money on The42’s membership is like spending money on your education when you’re a student - it mightn't be as attractive or as tasty as a slab of Murphys but you’ll definitely be a better and wiser person for it. You’ll learn more from Murray and his extra content, more from the other members in the WhatsApp group and more about the game than what you could possibly ever do by sitting at home supping cans.

Jim Demps

42 membership is the perfect place for Sports news and top class analysis and debate.
The Whatsapp groups are a must for all Irish sports fans where you get a front row seat to journalists

Ian O’Reilly

The 42 is the cream of the crop in the field of Irish sports journalism- nobody works harder or knows their subject better. I don’t even get around to using half the membership benefits but between the rugby member’s pod and newsletter alone, it’s worth the price- insight, analysis and member interaction are outstanding. Beyond that, Behind the lines is absolutely stellar, worthy of a slot on ESPN or another organisation 10 times the size. Pull the trigger and sign up, you won’t regret it.

Eoghan Hayes

I live in the Philippines on the other side of the world. Absolutely love the podcasts and the banter on WhatsApp. With the time difference, I get all the comments first thing in the morning. Great Irish ☘️ feel to that. Super stuff boys. Keep it up.

John Sutcliffe
Limerick hurling legend Shane Dowling and Kerry football great Marc Ó Sé put their Celtic Crosses on the table and dissect the biggest talking points from the weekend’s GAA action.
The42’s Murray Kinsella and professional analyst Eoin Toolan go deep on the weekend’s rugby each Monday with detailed breakdowns of the action at home & abroad.
Gavin Cooney invites sports journalists to discuss their careers and the writing that influenced them in a weekly conversation about the craft & the industry.
League of Ireland manager Shane Keegan picks the brains of Irish sport’s top coaches including Padraig Harrington, Stuart Lancaster, Derek McGrath and many more.
Seamas O’Reilly and Gavin Cooney tell Ireland’s sporting story one year at a time with the help of archive audio and the recollections of people who were there.
Our GAA staff present our games’ stories & personalities with a mix of documentaries, in-depth interviews with GAA legends, rewatches of classic games & much more.
Paul Dollery meets Irish footballers from up and down the divisions, here and further afield, to discuss their career trajectory & experiences in the beautiful game.
How did Stephen Kenny become the manager he is? Kevin Brannigan charts the Ireland coach’s journey all the way to the biggest job in Irish football.

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