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With instant gift delivery and immediate access, The42 Membership is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Irish sport.

As a member, the recipient will enjoy a full year of exclusive writing, podcasts and videos from our award-winning team of journalists, experts, coaches and athletes.

The42 Membership is a community for informed discussion and passionate debate among people who are fanatical about Irish sport. Help the sports lover in your life to join the club today.

A must for Irish rugby fans at home and abroad. Members get exclusive, bonus episodes of The42's beloved Rugby Weekly podcast every week as Murray Kinsella, Gavan Casey and guests go through the game-tape for a rugby show rich in detail and information.
42 membership is the perfect place for Sports news and top class analysis and debate. The Whatsapp groups are a must for all Irish sports fans where you get a front row seat to journalists

The Football Family Podcast

Gavin Cooney and a host of experts get to the heart of the stories that matter in Irish football, from analysis of the men's and women's international teams to focus on the domestic leagues and scouting reports on Irish players and coaches around the world.

The42 GAA Weekly Podcast

Kerry football legend Marc Ó Sé and All-Star Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash join host Maurice Brosnan and The42's reporters to move on from the highlight reels and headlines and break down the essence of the weekend's GAA action.

Exclusive Expert Newsletters

Get game-changing insights from Murray Kinsella on rugby, Gavin Cooney on soccer, and Gavan Casey on boxing delivered directly to your inbox, shedding new light on the sports you love.

Debate Room

Get access to our member-only Whatsapp groups, allowing you to discuss our coverage with our reporters and fellow members, feed in your questions for upcoming podcast guests and enjoy priority access to our live events.
I really enjoy being part of The42 membership. The rugby WhatsApp group is one of the most interesting groups I am in, full of amazing content, fantastic insights and great fun amongst the members. In a time of pandemic when the country has been mostly shut down, it has been a warm welcome to my life and I can’t wait for the first Rugby Weekly Meet Up when we return to normal.
Exclusive weekly episodes of our Behind The Lines podcast where we invite our favourite sportswriters to discuss their careers, the industry, and what inspires them.

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